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TimeSolv Version 20201021 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: October 21, 2020

#1: New Feature: Documents – Microsoft OneDrive Integration

Users now have the ability to sync documents in TimeSolv with Microsoft OneDrive. Access OneDrive files within TimeSolv. Files/folders for Clients and Matters will be automatically generated in OneDrive when created in TimeSolv.

#2: Enhancement: Search Functionality on the Refunds Screen

We have added search functionality to the Refunds screen so that users have the ability to filter records based on Client’s name. Users can easily find the Client payment that requires a refund, without having to scan through the entire list of refundable payments.

#3: Enhancement: For a Contact Add an Additional Address Line

We have added an additional address line for a contact.

#4: Enhancement: Provide the Option to Specify Expense Code as a Required Field

We now allow users to configure the Expense Code as a required field so that it is always entered when creating Expense Entries for Clients of a firm that require these codes on LEDES Invoices.

#5: Bug Fix: Time – Timer Doesn’t Appear on the Header While Creating a Time Entry for a Plan Task

The timer for the running Time Entry should appear on the header when the Time Entry is created. This has been fixed.

#6: Bug Fix: Ledes – an Extra File of .Aspx Format Is Being Received on Email

An extra file of .aspx format was being received on LEDES Invoice email. This has been fixed.

#7: Bug Fix: Contacts – Duplicates Not Merging and Referring to Portal When It’s Not Active

It was being reported when a customer wanted to merge contacts some wouldn’t merge and a message was shown that its portal user has been used. This has been fixed.

#8: Bug Fix: Permissions – Timekeeper Can’t Add Time to an Invoice

It was reported that with Invoice>View/Edit permissions a user could not add their time to the Draft Invoice. The error message said ‘Timekeeper is required’, although the Timekeeper name was already there. This has been fixed

#9: Bug Fix: Lawpay – Trust Deposits Not Getting Deleted From Timesolv When Voided From Lawpay

Due to a logical error where a condition was missing, voided Trust deposits, which were not made against invoices, were not deleted from TimeSolv when the corresponding LawPay events were received. This has been fixed.

#10: Bug Fix: Internal Server Error Is Occurring While Creating a New Plan Task From the To-Do Screen

It was being reported an Internal Server Error was occurring while creating a new Plan Task from the To-Do screen. This has been fixed.

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