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TimeSolv Version 20200928 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: September 28, 2020

#1: Enhancement: Option to Default to Fixed Amount on Expense Entry Screen

Beneficial for users that require a fixed amount for most of their Clients, TimeSolv now allows you to default to the fixed amount option on the Expense Entry screen so that you do not have to manually switch every time you are entering an Expense.

#2: Enhancement: Tabs3 Converter to Export Interest-related Configuration and Data (and Write-offs)

Tabs3 data extraction utility can now also export any Interest related configuration and data so that the migration process from Tabs3 to TimeSolv is seamless for firms that have Interest enabled in their prior system.

#3: Enhancement: Change in Date Format on Invoices and Statements 

Previously, the invoice date format was shown as 01-01-2020. This has been changed to instead read as January 1, 2020.

#4: Enhancement: Discount on Fees – Impact – Web Services

Previously, we did not support the specification of discounts at the Matter level. Discount type i.e. ‘Fees Only or Fee & Expense’ has now been added to the web service spec.

#5: Enhancement: Discount on Fees – Impact – Invoice

For LEDES invoicing impact from discounts, the discount amount will be fully deducted from fees unless fees display zero, in which case the remainder of the discount amount will be deducted from Expense.

#6: Enhancement: Tax2 – Aggregate Tax1 and Tax2 for LEDES Invoices

Additional Line items have been created for Tax1 and Tax2 entries in LEDES invoices.

#7: Enhancement: CSV Version of Trust Banking Report Displays Balance Information

Previously, the Trust Banking Report showed the Balance information in PDF format but the same was missing from CSV format. TimeSolv has now added this to CSV format for Trust Banking Report.

#8: Enhancement: Time & Expense Entry Report Shows Description for Task and Expense Codes

Time & Expense Entries report now shows the full description for the Time/Expense entry. #9: Bug Fix: TimeSolv Calendar – Not showing an Event

Previously, when a customer tried to save a meeting, it wouldn’t save. Additionally, when creating a new meeting, you need to switch the view or refresh in order to see certain meetings again. This has been fixed.

#10: Bug Fix: Xero – Clients NOT Syncing

Previously, when a customer downloaded TimeSolv Clients Mapping Excel sheet to review the mapping of TimeSolv Clients to existing Xero Contact, the mapping sheet showed that the Client did not exist on Xero. This has been fixed.

#11: Bug Fix: Report – Accounts Receivable NOT Showing Responsible TKs in CSV Format

Accounts Receivable report, when extracted to CSV, was not showing the Responsible Timekeepers under Column H. This has been fixed.

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