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TimeSolv Version 20200912 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: September 12, 2020

#1: Enhancement: Ability to Define Discounts for Fees Only

Users can now define whether a discount is to be applied to just the Fees or both Fees and Expenses. This can be set up under the individual Matter’s Invoice Settings or under a specific Draft Invoice.

#2: Enhancement: Allow Users to Associate Multiple Tasks With the Same UTBMS Code and Description

This update caters to users that want to be able to create multiple tasks with the same UTBMS code so that all associated entries can be aggregated and charged against the same UTBMS code in a LEDES invoice.

#3: Enhancement: Display Additional Information on Trust Replenish Screen

Trust Replenish screen now displays additional information such as the name of the Trust Account, Responsible Attorney, and Matter Category for each entry.

#4: Enhancement: Tabs3 Converter – Enhancement to Convert Newer Versions of Tabs3

TimeSollv has made some updates required for converting prospects using newer versions of Tabs3. Enhancements have been made in the existing Tabs3 DEP.

#5: Bug Fix: Reports – Fees Budget – Not Showing Responsible Timekeeper and Other Data Discrepancies
It was reported that the Responsible Professionals listed on the Matters were not being displayed in the Responsible Professional column of the report, and there was ambiguity in the values displayed in the report. This has been fixed.

#6: Bug Fix: Interest – Consolidated Invoice – Simple Interest Calculating Instead of Compound

It was reported that Simple Interest was being calculated on a consolidated invoice instead of Compound. This has been fixed.

#7: Bug Fix: QBSync Online – Unable to Login

There was an issue with logging in to QBSync Online. No error was given and disconnecting, reconnecting, and re-downloading the sync tool did not work. Updates have been made to fix this issue

#8: Bug Fix: WebServices – Contact Country is NOT Updating Correctly

It was reported there was an issue when trying to update the country on an existing Contact. This has been fixed.

#9: Bug Fix: Draft Invoices – Matter Subtotals are Incorrect for Consolidate Invoices

A user found a dependency when editing Draft Invoices. This meant that on consolidated Draft Invoices, the sub-totals for the different Matters were incorrect on some drafts. This has been fixed.

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