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TimeSolv Version 20200720 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: July 20, 2020

#1: Enhancement: Ability to change the label for ‘Trust Balance’

Users can now change the ‘Trust Balance’ label on an invoice from the Flexible Billing Templates so that they can ensure the Client understands what they are seeing on their bills.

#2: Enhancement: Preview Invoices in Individual Edit Draft & Sent Invoices

Users now have the ability to preview invoices while in edit mode, so that the user doesn’t need to back out to the list screen or download the invoice again. It also helps in previewing what the invoices look like when toggling enable and disable options on the Flexible Billing Template.

#3: Enhancement: Add the Calculated Payment Due Date to an Invoice

TimeSolv now calculates the payment due date according to the Payment Terms to display on invoices so that Clients don’t need to calculate manually.

#4: Feature: Add Military Address to Contacts

Users can now add a military address instead of a normal postal address to a Contact.

#5: Enhancement: Trust – Payment Method Drop-down is Missing

The ‘Payment Method’ field was missing from the Trust screen. TimeSolv has added this field. ‘Credit Card on File’ or ‘Bank Account on File’ now show under the Payment Method drop-down, and this field will only show when the transaction type is ‘Deposit’.

#6: Enhancement: Display Total Hours in Time Detail Section

Users can now see the Total Hours billed within the Time Detail Section of an Invoice.

#7: Enhancement: Ability to Filter ‘Invoice Summary with Payment Allocations’ Report by Categories

Users can now filter the ‘Invoice Summary with Payment Allocations’ Report by Categories instead of having to remember the segments.

#8: Bug Fix: Running Timer Prompt is Shown but Can’t be Located

Previously, it was reported that TimeSolv indicated a running Timer on a Time Entry, but the timer could not be located. This has been fixed.

#9: Bug Fix: Error Deleting Folder from Recycle Bin

Previously, an ‘Invalid request’ error was returned when a user tried to delete a folder, which had one or more files in it, from the Recycle Bin. This has been fixed.

#10: Bug Fix: Invoice – User is Unable to Email Invoice in LEDES 2000 Format

An email failure was received upon attempting to email an Invoice in LEDES 2000 format. This has been fixed.

#11: Bug Fix: Interest Invoice Wrongly Generating for Consolidated Client

It was reported upon generating a draft invoice for a consolidated Client with interest charged, TimeSolv was generating two invoices. One was an interest-only invoice, and the other had Time and Expense details but again inclusive of interest. The system was creating two unique records for the same Client as the Matters had different Responsible Timekeepers. This has been fixed.

#12: Bug Fix: Trust – System not Fetching ‘On File’ Payment Information from Client on Trust Screen

The Bank Account/Credit Card under Client ‘Payment Settings’ should be fetched and the ‘On File’ payment method should appear under the ‘Transaction’ drop-down. Yet it was reported that the Bank Account/Credit Card details were not being fetched and the ‘On File’ payment method was not appearing in the aforementioned drop-down. This has been fixed.

#13: Bug Fix: Trust – Error Showing When Updating Reference and Notes of an ‘On File’ Transaction

A Transaction should be updated with a new Reference and Notes field, or the Reference and Notes fields should be greyed out (disabled) in this scenario. Instead, an error appears displaying ‘Edits Not Allowed’ message. This has been fixed.

#14: Bug Fix: Payment Drop-down Showing incorrect Payment Methods upon Editing the Write Off Transaction.

The Payment of credit type ‘Write Off’ should show its own payment methods, not that of credit type ‘Payment’ or ‘Credit Memo’. The Payment drop-down was showing incorrect payment methods upon editing Write Off transactions. This has been fixed.

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