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TimeSolv Version 20200707 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: July 7, 2020

#1: Feature: Text Formatting Capabilities for Email Messages

Users can now format the text that is sent out to clients with their Invoice email and Statement email. We offer Plain Text formatting and HTML formatting, as well as the ability to upload images and attachments.

 #2: Bug Fix: Multiple Invoices ZIP Download – Invoice Filenames and Download Options Incorrect

Users reported that Zipped Invoices filenames were confusing and did not have the Invoice Number, therefore Invoices were unidentifiable unless the file was opened. This has been fixed.

#3: Bug Fix: Abbreviation File Imports Show Error Message for Already Imported Abbreviation

Previously, the Abbreviation import file was displaying an error message if the imported abbreviated was already imported. This has been fixed so that the Abbreviation file is imported successfully without facing any errors.

#4: Enhancement: Import – Checkbox (True/False) Fields on Excel Sheets Should be Highlighted as Required

Leaving import field checkboxes (boolean) optional was causing an issue. By default, the system perceived it as a False value when no value is entered for a field. This has been fixed so that all checkbox (True/False) fields are to be highlighted as mandatory in Import / Export sheets for all the entities.

#5: Feature: Clone a Matter

Users can now “Copy Matter”. Currently, we are not copying any Credit Card information held under the Matter.

#6: Enhancement: Move Callbacks to Services or Integrations Modules

TimeSolv moved other callbacks from Business Logic to Services or Integrations module in the application. This means an enhanced security layer for the TimeSolv web app.

#7: Enhancement: Ability to Filter Accounts Receivable Reports by Categories

ClientsCategoriesResponsible Timekeeper and Client

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