TimeSolv Version 20200518 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: May 18, 2020

#1: Feature: Ability to Download Multiple Invoices in a 'Zip' File Containing Separate File for Each Invoice

Users can now download multiple invoices individually for Matters by selecting the “Zip” format so that when downloaded, a 'Zip' folder is downloaded with Client-Matter defined folder and sub-folder(s) containing the invoices.

#2: Feature: Tabs3 Converter

Our new Tabs3 Converter is completed.

#3: Feature: Store Clients' Credit Cards/Bank Accounts/eChecks on File and Charge from TimeSolv Web App

TimeSolv users can now store their clients' credit card/bank account/eChecks on file via LawPay/Affinipay and charge them from within the TimeSolv application, provided they have an agreement with their clients' to do so.

#4: Feature: Download or Email Large Invoice (>10MB)

Users can now download or email larger-sized invoices (over 10MB). If the generated invoice size is more than 10MB, it will not be sent in an email as an attachment. Instead, a share file link will be sent in the email where the generated invoice will be available to download.

#5: Enhancement: 'All' Option is no Longer Selected by Default on New Draft Invoice Pop-up

Previously, when generating a new draft invoice, 'All' Clients and Matters was selected by default. This is no longer the case. There is no longer a default selection for who the draft invoice is being generated against.

#6: Bug Fix: Trust Screen - Client/Matter with Trust Account NOT Showing

It had been reported that despite having a Trust account in the system, the Trust account was not showing up on the Trust screen. This has been fixed.

#7: Bug Fix: Bubble Pop-up on Preview Icon of Time Entry is Not Appearing at Matter Plan Task

It had been reported that under the Matter Plan>Plan Task>Time tab screen hovering over the preview icon of the Time Entry was failing to show the Time Entry details. The preview icon of Time has now been fixed.