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TimeSolv Version 20200422 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: April 22, 2020

#1: Bug Fix: User Unable to Import Client Notes and Matter Notes if ‘Updated By’ Column is Empty

Previously, if users entered only the ‘Client/Matter Name’ and ‘Note’ and tried to import Client/Matter Notes, the system displayed an error message stating ‘Invalid Timekeeper’. This issue has been fixed.

#2: Enhancement: LawPay Email Link Text Changed

Previously, when a firm connected to LawPay and emailed invoices out to their clients, the portal link text was labeled as ‘Please click here to view your invoice.’ Yet, the invoice was already attached to the email. The label has been changed to ‘Please click here to view and pay your invoice’ for more clarity. If the firm is not connected to LawPay, no link is displayed and only the invoice is attached.

#3: Enhancement: Larger Print for Footers and Narratives on Invoices

It was requested that clients would benefit from being able to read the footer and narratives in a larger font size in the invoices. Previously, the print was deemed too small for most to read. The font size for footers and narratives has now been increased to 9pt.

#4: Enhancement: Invoice Email Subject Changed

The Client record often distinguishes between the Invoice Name, which is typically the legal name of the Client, and the ‘name,’ which is often an abbreviated version of that name or a nickname. TimeSolv has changed the name shown in invoice email subject line when one sends an invoice, which now addresses the Client’s full legal name.

#5: Feature: Password Change Updates

TimeSolv has introduced the ability to force a password change for any given user. This overrides the firm-level password expiration setting, except in the case where the user has two-factor authentication enabled. Users can specify the date per user when the password must be changed, and have the existing onscreen notification show the countdown warning in advance. Once the password is changed, the date is cleared and password change logic returns to normal.

#6: Enhancement: Invoice – LEDES 1998 B1 V2 – 3 Character ISO for Country Code

A customer was facing an issue with Country Code format for LEDES 98 BI format. We now support both 2 and 3 character ISO Country Codes, while keeping the 2 character Country Code as the default option.

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