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TimeSolv Version 20200112 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: January 12, 2020

#1: Feature: Search Task, Sub-task, Expense Codes

Users can now perform searches on the Task Code, Sub-Task Code, and Expense Code screens with several filters.

#2 Bug Fix: Matter Calendar is Not Reflecting the Events of the Main Calendar

Previously, clicking on any Matter calendar was not showing the events of the Matter if added from the main calendar. This has been fixed.

#3: Bug fixed: If no Matter is Selected and an Expense Receipt is Uploaded, the Application Shows a Message ‘Creating Expense Entry’

Previously, when a user created an Expense Entry with a receipt uploaded, without selecting a Matter, the application showed a message saying ‘Creating Expense Entry’. The user had no alternative but to browse away from the screen, return, and start all over again. This has been fixed.

#4: Feature: Timer Status Checkbox on Time Entry Search Screen Removed

A new dropdown timer filter was added in a previous release for the Time Entry search screen. This makes the Timer Status checkbox redundant, hence its removal.

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