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TimeSolv Version 20191222 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: December 12, 2019

#1: Feature: Simple and Compound Interest Calculation – Configurable by Client/Matter

Users can now specify whether interest calculation per Client/Matter is calculated as simple or compound. By default, it will be set to compound interest.

#2 Feature: Show a Message When Generating an Invoice for a Matter that has a Running Timer

If a timer is running for a Matter and the user tries to generate an invoice, a warning message will first appear before allowing the user to proceed.

#3: Feature: Import/Export to Include Client & Matter Interest Fields

With the new toggle for simple or compound interest, there will be additional interest calculation fields in Client and Matter data imports and exports.

#4: Bug Fix: Inactive Flexible Templates Appear as an Option for Default Template

Previously, if a Flexible Template was inactive it still appeared as a selectable option under invoice settings without a warning message. Inactive templates will no longer appear under Client/Matter>Invoice Settings screen. It will still show under Draft Invoices screen.

#5: Bug Fix: Interest Only Invoices are Not Getting Generated

Interest-only invoices were not getting generated for invoices fully paid AFTER the due date, but BEFORE the next invoice. This has been fixed.

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