Timer Stops When Phone Goes to Sleep

If you are facing issues with your timer stopping on our TimeSolv Sync Phone App, please refer to your phone platform type below for instructions on how to resolve this:


Click on the Settings icon from your home screen. Scroll and find ‘Device Maintenance‘. Click on ‘Battery‘. Click on the three dot menu at the top right, and click on ‘Advance Settings‘. Click on ‘App Power Monitor‘. Turn off the automatic sleep feature from this screen.


If you are using an iPhone and the timer stops when your phone sleeps, you will have to temporarily disable auto-lock for the device itself rather than the app. To do this, click on Settings icon from your home screen. Click on Display & Brightness. Tap on the Auto-Lock option and select ‘Never‘. Come back into this screen page to change this setting back to a specified number of minutes if you wish to turn Auto-Lock back on.