Time Entry Reports

  1. Time Entries Report
  2. Time Entry Summary Report
  3. Missing Time Report
  4. Time and Expense Entries Report
  5. Task Summary Report
  6. Task Codes Report

Time Entries Report

List of time entries grouped by client and matter

Example Time Entries report with default parameters set:

Time Entry Summary Report 

Weekly and monthly totals of time entries grouped by a combination of client, matter and timekeepers.

Example Time Entry Summary report with ' Billed Values'. 

Missing Time Report 

Hours missed by a timekeeper per day or per week.

Example Missing Time report with default parameters:

Time and Expense Entries Report

List of time and expense entries grouped by client and matter.

Example Time and Expense Entries report with default parameters:

Task Summary Report

A sum of time entries grouped by professional and task

Example Task Summary report with default parameters:

Task Codes Report

A list of categories for time entries.

Example Task Codes report with default parameters: