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Staff Dashboard

    1. Overview
    2. Firm Staff Metrics
    3. Staff-Level Graphical Charts 
      1. Target vs Actual
      2. Billable Hours
      3. Top Timekeepers
      4. Worked Hours
      5. Utilization Rate
      6. Realization Rate
      7. Collection Rate
    4. Staff Data Overview 



Firm-level Dashboards show users an aggregated view of the whole Firm. Data can be viewed against individual Timekeepers or the entire Firm.

The information on the Dashboard is presented in three different sections: 

  • Metrics Bar – Presents users with an overview of the Staff or Client metrics.
  • Graphical Charts – Show a segregated view of the data based on different criteria.
  • Data Table – This shows a simple, summarised view of the data in a tabular form against each Timekeeper and Client-Matter.


Firm Staff Dashboard 

To view the Firm Staff Dashboard, navigate to Dashboard>Dashboard>Staff tab. 

The Timekeeper and Date Range fields allow users to filter data based on selection. 

Use the Timekeeper dropdown to select and view the selected Timekeeper’s data or select ‘All‘ to view data against all Timekeepers.

Data for inactive Timekeepers can also be included by checking the box above the ‘Timekeeper’ dropdown. 



Staff Level Metrics 

Each metric is briefly described in the tooltip when users hover their mouse cursor over the ‘i’ icon next to the titles.

If users hover over the amount, a breakdown of the amount or the calculation used to get to that amount is shown.

The Metrics bar shows an overview of the following for the selected Timekeeper and Date range: 

– Hours 
– Expenses 
– Average Rate 
– Worked 
– Unbilled 
– Billed 
– Collected 
– Utilization Rate 
– Realization Rate 
– Collection Rate



Staff Level Graphical Charts 

Below the Metrics are the graphical Charts with detailed data. Each chart has an information icon that briefly explains what the chart is about when users hover over it. These charts can be dragged and dropped to have them displayed according to the user’s preferences.

Charts can be added by clicking on the gear icon on the top left of the first chart, which opens up the ‘Add Panel’ screen. 

Similarly, clicking the gear icon on the respective chart allows users to remove the graph.




Users can also zoom in on a chart by selecting the portion to view. To switch back to the normal mode, use the Reset Zoom button.

Staff Chart Zooming


TARGET vs. ACTUAL – Use this chart to monitor and compare the progress of your actual Hours, Amount, or Billing Rate against the specified targets. If targets are not defined for Timekeepers among the selection, a message gets displayed on the chart informing the user that x number of Timekeepers do not have targets set.

The data is displayed as a line graph or a bar graph using the icons on the top right corner of the chart.

Hours – Shows the target billable, actual billable, and total hours grouped by month in the current year.
Amount – Shows the target billable, actual billable, and actual collected amount for fees grouped by month in the current year.
Rate – This shows the target billing rate, actual worked rate, and the actual billed rate grouped by month in the current year.

Note: Saturday, Sunday, and company holidays (marked on the calendar) are excluded from calculations.



BILLABLE HOURS – Shows the ‘Billable Hours‘ for the selected period, along with the daily average and the period end projection. This includes Billable, Non-Billable, and No-Charge hours.

You can click on the ‘Actual’ or ‘Projected’ legends at the bottom to show/hide the respective data series.

The following formulas are used to calculate the Daily Average, Timekeeper Daily Average, and the Projected Hours:

Daily Average = Billable Hours / (Workdays Excl. Holidays)

– Timekeeper Daily Average = Daily Average / Number of Timekeepers 

Projected Hours = Billable Hours + (Daily Average x Workdays Excl. Holidays)



TOP TIMEKEEPERS – Users can view their top ‘Timekeepers‘ for the selected period based on ‘Billable Hours’ recorded, ‘Worked Amount,’ or against ‘Average Hourly Rate.’  

Users can also select from their ‘Top 5’ or ‘Bottom 5’ Timekeepers using the second dropdown selector to analyze different performance spectrums.



WORKED TIME – This chart shows ‘Worked‘ hours against Billable, Non-Billable, and No-Charge hours for the selected Timekeeper and period. Clicking on the ‘Amount‘ tab shows the amounts against the selected Timekeeper(s) and period.

Users can hover the mouse to see the tooltip for individual entries on the chart.

Click on the legends at the bottom of the chart to view data individually for ‘Billable,’ ‘Non-Billable,’ and ‘No-Charge’ hours or for all three ‘Hour’ types together. 



UTILIZATION RATE – Shows the percentage of available Time utilized for Billable work. The chart shows both Monthly and YTD Utilization rates.

Users can hover the mouse over an entry to see ‘Utilization Rate‘ as a tooltip for that month. 

From the legend, users can click on the year to view segregated data for both years or view data against year. 

The ‘Work Hours x Number of Timekeepers’ formula calculates ‘Available‘ hours. 

‘Missing’ Hours YTD means ‘Available Hours YTD minus the Hours Worked YTD.’ These worked hours include Billable, Non-Billable, and No-Charge Hours.



REALIZATION RATE – This shows the proportion of ‘Billable Hours‘ to the ‘Hours‘ billed to the clients. The data is shown for both monthly as well as YTD Realization rates.

Users can hover the mouse over an entry to see ‘Realization Rate’ as a tooltip for that month.

From the legend, users can click on the year to view segregated data for both years or view data against year. 

‘Unbilled Hours’ are the ‘Non-Billable Hours + No-Charge Hours.’ 



COLLECTION RATE – This chart shows the percentage of ‘Billed Hours’ that have been collected; Data is shown for both monthly and the YTD collection rates. 

Users can hover the mouse over an entry to see ‘Collection Rate’ as a tooltip for that month. 

From the legend, users can click on the year to view segregated data for both years or view data against each year.


  • AVERAGE RATE – This shows the Average Billing Rate for all the selected Timekeepers. 
  • UNBILLED – Shows unbilled Time and Expense amount for the selected period, along with Hours, Fees, and Expense breakdown. 
  • BILLED – Shows Billed Hours, Fee, and Expense breakdown. 
  • COLLECTED – This shows how many hours and expenses have been collected.


Staff Data Overview 

At the bottom of the Dashboards is the Data Table which provides a quick view of some essential attributes. 

For each Timekeeper, the following information is displayed in the table: 

– Billable Hours 
– Non-Billable Hours 
– No-Charge Hours 
– Total Hours 
– Timekeeper Cost 
– Total Fee 
– Billed Fee 
– Realized Fee 
– Total Profit
– Billed Profit 
– Gross Margin

Hovering the mouse over the Realized Fee, Total Profit, Billed Profit, and Gross Margin titles displays the formula for calculation.


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