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Performance Reports

  1. Firm Performance
  2. Fees Budget
  3. Client Rankings
  4. Professional Profitability
  5. Revenue & Commissions

Firm Performance Report

The report shows the performance of the firm over a period of time.

Example of Firm Performance report with default parameters selected:

Fees Budget Report

This report shows budgeted versus billed and unbilled fees grouped by Client and Matter.

Example of Fees Budget report with default parameters selected:

Client Ranking Report

Ranking of clients by total fees worked, billed, and cash receipts.

Example Client Rankings report with default parameters selected:

Professional Profitability Report

The report shows profitability per Professional based on billed versus original fees.

Example Professional Profitability report with default parameters selected:

Revenue and Commissions Report

Note: Commissions are only visible to Administrator users.

Revenue collected per Professional, Manager, and per Responsible Professional.

If a Firm has multiple locations and uses Timekeeper Subgroup to store the Timekeeper’s location, the Revenue and Commissions Report can be grouped by the Subgroup in the CSV version of the report.

Below is an example of the Revenue and Commissions report’s PDF version with default parameters selected:

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