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  1. Dropbox Integration

Dropbox Integration


Note: Once the integration has taken place, you can upload files to your Dropbox folder directly from TimeSolv. Or, whenever you add a file to Dropbox, it becomes available in TimeSolv. You can only add files to Dropbox while in TimeSolv, not folders. If you’d like to create sub-folders within your Client/Matter folders, you need to do this in Dropbox.

In the TimeSolv web-app, click on Documents>Settings>Configure Dropbox

Click on the Connect to Dropbox button. This will take you to your Dropbox account where you will be asked to authorize the integration.

After signing into your Dropbox account, click on the Allow button to complete the Dropbox connection to TimeSolv.

A new folder will be created in your Dropbox account labeled Apps and within that folder, you will see a TimeSolv folder. All of your Clients and Matters will automatically have folders created in the TimeSolv folder.

Note: Dropbox does not support the following characters in folder names of either clients or matters: < > \ / : ? * ” |.

Warning: On the Documents>Settings screen, you’ll see the option now to disconnect your TimeSolv document storage feature once you’re connected Dropbox. We highly recommend you do so if you’re going to be using Dropbox because by default, when you open Documents within TimeSolv, it will go to the TimeSolv documents tab if you have it connected. Disconnecting the TimeSolv document storage will eliminate that confusion.

Your Dropbox account is now connected to TimeSolv. All active Clients/Matters in TimeSolv will automatically have corresponding folders in Dropbox, and all files/folders created in Dropbox will automatically show up in TimeSolv. Please do not rename or move any Client-Matter folders in Dropbox as that will cause them to no longer be visible in TimeSolv.

Note: Any files uploaded to Dropbox from TimeSolv will appear as if they were uploaded by the person whose login credentials were used to authorize TimeSolv to connect to your Dropbox account. TimeSolv does not setup any sharing or permissions in Dropbox.

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