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  1. TimeSolv Native Documents Feature
  2. Document Automation
  3. Dropbox Integration
  4. LexShare/LexSign
  5. Microsoft OneDrive
  6. NetDocuments


TimeSolv Native Documents Feature

TimeSolv has a native document management feature within the application hosted on the same servers as our billing and timekeeping data. Firms can use our software as a hub for managing their client’s files, bills, and reports.

Click on  Documents>Documents.

Select the specific client and matter to upload documents for.

1. Create  New Folder.

Note: Users can create subfolders within folders. So, for example, if the user clicks on the new folder name, and selects the New Folder link again at the top, it will continue to create subfolders within the selected folder.

2. Add  New Document.


 – TimeSolv supports many file formats, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The maximum document size is 10MB.

Description – a quick explanation of the file to distinguish the document. This is useful when multiple timekeepers are accessing the same client-matter documents folder.

Tags – makes it easier to search and find the document later.



Magnifying icon – preview file. Next to the upload document icon, the magnifying icon lets you preview the file within the window.

Upload icon – upload a new version of the same document.


– uploads a new version, and view all previous versions listed.


Move –
moves the document to a different folder.

Delete –
deletes the document. Deleted documents are sent to the ‘Recycle Bin’ and are not permanently deleted.

1. Delete-Document5


Recycle – The Recycle Bin retains your deleted documents so you can ‘Restore’ them to their original location or ‘Delete’ them permanently.

2. Recycle-Document6


Document Automation

The document automation feature will save your firm valuable time so that you no longer have to manually fill in clients, addresses, and other details for each individual recurrent document type. These templates allow you to generate detailed documents in a matter of seconds.

Create a document template under Documents>Settings>Merge Fields.

A list of available merge fields will appear.

Group – lists the type of merge field group, i.e. Client, Matter, User, and Date.

Field Name – lists the text you will copy and paste into your document.

Field Value – will show the user the data information as it will be displayed for this relevant Client-Matter.

Documents icon – will copy the Field Name text onto your clipboard, ready for pasting into a document. To do this, open a document in Microsoft Word and write up the draft for your frequented letter. Copy and paste the Field Name text wherever you need to insert client-matter data.


Upload Document Template

Click on Documents>Settings>Templates>New Template.

Create a New Document from a Template

Click on Documents>Documents.

Select the client-matter folder to upload the new document.

Click on the New Document link. Select Create From Template as the source.


Uploaded templates will appear in a list. Select the appropriate template.


Once created, the file will be available to download under  Documents>Documents>[Client name]>[Matter name]



Dropbox Integration

With integration to TimeSolv, users can access your Dropbox files within TimeSolv and folders for your new clients, and matters are automatically generated in Dropbox when created in TimeSolv.

If you have a Dropbox account and would like to connect to TimeSolv:

Click on  Documents>Settings>Configure Dropbox.

Click on  Connect to Dropbox.

Authorize connection by signing into a Dropbox account. After successful authorization, a folder will be created in Dropbox for every active Client and Matter in TimeSolv.

Click  Allow.

A new folder will be created in Dropbox labeled ‘ Apps‘. TimeSolv folder will be within it. All Clients & Matters will have folders created within it.

1. Dropbox does not support the following characters in folder names of either clients or matters: < > \ / : ? * ” |.
2. On the Documents>Settings screen, users can now see the option now to disconnect TimeSolv’s native document storage feature once connected to Dropbox. We highly recommend to disconnect if you are going to be using Dropbox because by default when you open Documents within TimeSolv, it will go to the TimeSolv documents tab if you have it connected. Disconnecting the TimeSolv document storage will eliminate that confusion.
3. Once the connection to the Dropbox account is set up, users can upload files to Dropbox folders directly from within TimeSolv, and vice versa. New folders cannot be created in Dropbox via TimeSolv. To create folders, users need to create them in the Dropbox app.
4. Your Dropbox account is now connected to TimeSolv. All active Clients/Matters in TimeSolv will automatically have corresponding folders in Dropbox, and all files/folders created in Dropbox will automatically show up in TimeSolv. Please do not rename or move any Client / Matter folders in Dropbox as that will cause them to no longer be visible in TimeSolv.
5. Please note that any files uploaded to Dropbox from TimeSolv will appear as if they were uploaded by the person whose login credentials were used to authorize TimeSolv to connect to your Dropbox account.
6. TimeSolv does not set up any sharing or permissions in Dropbox. However, non-admin users would only see the files/folders in assigned Matters.
7. TimeSolv does not set up any sharing or permissions in Dropbox.

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