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Client Dashboard

    1. Overview
    2. Client Metrics 
    3. Client-Level Graphical Charts 
      1. Active Matters without Activity
      2. Matters Added
      3. Top Clients
      4. Top Originating Timekeepers
    4. Client-Matter Data Overview 


To view the Firm Clients Dashboard, navigate to Dashboard>Dashboard>Client tab. 

The information on the Dashboard is presented in three different sections: 

  • Metrics Bar – Presents users with an overview of the Client metrics.
  • Graphical Charts – Show a segregated view of the data based on different criteria.
  • Data Table – This shows a simple, summarised view of the data in a tabular form against the selected Clients and Matters. 

    The Date Range field allows you to filter data based on selected dates. 



    Client Metrics 

    The metrics bar shows an overview of the following against the selected date range: 

    – Clients Added 
    – Matters Added 
    – Active Clients 
    – Active Matters 




    Client-Level Graphical Charts 

    Below the Metrics are the graphical Charts with detailed data. Each chart has an information icon that briefly explains what the chart is about when users hover over it. These charts can be dragged and dropped to have them displayed according to the user’s preferences.

    Charts can be added by clicking on the gear icon on the top left of the first chart, which opens up the ‘Add Panel’ screen.

    Similarly, clicking the gear icon on the respective chart allows users to remove the graph.




    The ‘Active Matters without Activity’ chart shows Active Matters for which no Time and Expense entries have been recorded in the specified time intervals. Users can click on a bar to view the specific Matter names and the exact number of days for which no activity has been recorded.


    Users can also zoom in on a chart by selecting the portion to view. To switch back to the normal mode, use the Reset Zoom button.Client Chart Zooming

    TIP: The ‘Active Matters without Activity’ chart helps identify Matters that are not getting any Time/Expense logged against them. The Firm can determine whether to follow up with the Client or mark the Matter as ‘Inactive‘ in the system. TimeSolv generally recommends that inactive Matters are marked as such to avoid slowed UI performance issues. 



    The ‘Matters Added’ chart shows Matters added during the previous fiscal year against the current year. Clicking on the bar will show a breakdown chart of the year for every month. Clicking on the monthly bar will show a list of Matters added and their start date.




    The ‘Top Clients’ chart lets users filter data based on the following: 

    • Billable Hours
    • Amount Worked – Time and Expense amounts regardless of billable hours.
    • Matters Count
    • Revenue – Total cash received against each Client.
    • Average Hourly Rate
    • Accounts Receivable 

      The above can be sorted by ‘Top 5‘ and ‘Bottom 5‘ to analyze different performance spectrums.




      The ‘Top Originating Timekeepers’ chart shows the Firm’s Top Originating Timekeeper for the selected period based on ‘Matter Count‘ and ‘Amount Collected.’ Originating Timekeepers can be filtered by Top 5 or Bottom 5.




      Client-Matter Data Overview 

      At the bottom of the Client Dashboards is the Data Table which provides users with data for some important attributes. 

      Use the selector above the data table to:

      1. View the Billed and Collected values as a function of the Worked amount, i.e., how much of the Worked amount has been billed or collected, or
      2. 2) view the total billed and collected amount recorded during the selected period, irrespective of how much has been worked.

      – Billable
      – Non-Billable
      – No Charge
      – Total Hours
      – Timekeeper Cost
      – Expense
      – Worked
      – Billed
      – Billed Percentage: Hovering the mouse over the title displays the calculation.
      – Collected
      – Collected Percentage: Hovering the mouse over the title displays the calculation.


      Note: The Data Table only shows Fixed Fee Invoices when “Show Billed/Collected for” is set to “Selected Period.”

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