Activity Code (Task Code) Overview and Set Up

Activities (also known as Task Codes) are predefined work descriptions that are associated with time entries and may optionally specify a rate for the work being described. An Activity, by default, has no rate associated with it. However, Timesolv does support hourly and task-based Activity rates with the goal of providing additional rates flexibility.

Each Activity’s description and rate is defined for the entire firm to use. However, Timesolv also allows Activity rates to be overridden for a specific TimeKeeper and Project. This is a more advanced feature for firms with more sophisticated time tracking and billing needs. The idea is that an Activity set up by the firm administrator can be billed at different rates on different projects and by specific timekeepers. For example, the Activity “Java Programming” can be billed on Project A at $150 per hour and Project B at $200 per hour. In addition, programmer Joe can bill for “Java Programming” on Project A at $175 per hour and $225 per hour on Project B, etc.

Read this article to create activity codes.

Note: Rates can be overridden by those firm users for which the 'Can View and Override Rate?' checkbox is enabled in their permission for the Time Entries.