Xero – Sync TimeSolv Clients as Contacts in Xero

Users need to set up sync settings before they can sync for the first time. Head over to Accounts>Integrations>Xero – Non-Certified>Sync Setup to get started.


Enable Client Sync

  • You need to first sync over TimeSolv Clients as Contacts into Xero. Click to enable the box.


  • After enabling Client Sync, click Save.


Map Clients

  • Click on the Review the mapping of TimeSolv Clients to existing Xero Contacts link.


  • Download and review the Excel file and look for any TimeSolv Clients being added to Xero that should match to an existing Xero Contact but have different names. Correct any mismatches in either TimeSolv or Xero and download/review the Excel file again. If there is no corresponding Xero Contact, the Xero column will be empty. If there is no corresponding TimeSolv Client to a Xero Contact, then no action will be made for that entry.


  • An example below shows a sample Excel file.


1. Matched – TimeSolv client and corresponding Xero contact are already matched together
2. Mapped – TimeSolv and Xero records have been linked in TimeSolv and TimeSolv knows (through Xero’s unique id) which Xero record it has been connected to. A TimeSolv and corresponding Xero record may be mapped prior to sync i.e. the matched records’ status changes to mapped when the user clicks on ‘Confirm Mappings’ button on the respective mapping screen. Otherwise, once a record has been synced over to Xero, it is also mapped because we store the Xero Id in TimeSolv.
3. Will remain in Xero unmatched – a contact in Xero does not have a corresponding client to match within TimeSolv. The contact will remain in Xero, but it will not be mapped with a TimeSolv client.

  • Client names having two consecutive spaces will be replaced by a space and an underscore character to avoid overwriting the contact in Xero with same contact name but with single space characters. e.g. Clients name ‘John  Smith’ in TimeSolv will be synced/matched to Xero Contact ‘John _Smith’.
  • Next, click on Confirm Mappings button when you are sure the correct mappings are in place.


  • Note:

– ‘ARCHIVED’ clients in Xero cannot be updated. So make sure that they are ‘Active’ before mapping and syncing.
– Inactive Clients in TimeSolv are synced as ‘Active’ contacts in Xero because of the above statement.
– ‘Prospect’ clients in TimeSolv are NOT synced to Xero.


  • Click ‘Back‘ to return to Sync Setup screen.


Sync Clients

  • Click on Sync tab.


  • Click on Sync to Xero button.


  • A live sync log will start and it will show you a full list of all Clients synced as Contacts.

  • The live sync log only shows the most recent 50 log entries. Once the sync is finished, the user shall be able to download an excel file containing all the log entries.

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