Xero – Sync Invoices in TimeSolv to Xero

Users need to set up sync settings before they can sync for the first time. Head over to Accounts>Integrations>Xero – Non-Certified>Sync Setup to get started.


Enable Invoice Sync

  • Click on Enable Invoice Sync checkbox for setup.


  • Configure the following accounts:

a) Fees Account – Select a ‘Sales’ type Xero account to record fees in. You can create a new Xero account by clicking on the plus (+) icon. This dropdown list shows Xero accounts of types ‘Sales’ and ‘Revenue’. You can create a new Xero account by clicking on the plus (+) icon.

b) Unspecified Expenses Account – Select a Xero account to record unspecified expenses in. These are the expense entries for which the expense code was not selected in the Expense Entry in TimeSolv App. For example, if you reimburse such expenses from your clients, select an account of the type ‘Current Asset’. Otherwise, if you are charging your clients for such expenses, they are your revenue. So select an account of type ‘Revenue’. NOTE: Some organizations record them in ‘Expense’ type Xero accounts. However, to let you select the desired Xero account, this list includes Xero accounts of types ‘Current Asset’, ‘Revenue’, and ‘Expense’. You can create a new Xero account by clicking on the plus (+) icon.

c) Interest Income Account – Select a ‘Revenue’ type of Xero account to record interest income in. You can create a new Xero account by clicking on the plus (+) icon.


  • Click Save.


Map Invoices

  • Click on the Review the mapping of TimeSolv invoices to existing Xero Invoices link.


  • Click to download Excel file showing the sample of current TimeSolv Invoices mapped to Xero Invoices.


  • Review the Excel file to ensure that any existing invoices in Xero match to the correct corresponding invoices in TimeSolv. If there are any mismatches, please edit the invoices in Xero to make the invoice numbers the same as in TimeSolv. If you make any corrections, please download and review the file again to ensure the data is correct. Once the Excel file is correct no further action is necessary. For assistance please contact TimeSolv Support.


  • Click Back to return to the Sync Setup screen.


Map Expense Codes

  • Click on Map TimeSolv Expense Codes to Xero Accounts link.


  • The user will get a full list of your TimeSolv Expense Codes that can be mapped to the expense accounts in Xero. Click Save.


Sync Invoices

  • Click on the Sync tab, then click on Sync to Xero button.


  • A live sync log will start and it will show you a full list of all invoices synced to Xero.

  • The live sync log only shows the most recent 50 log entries. Once the sync is finished, the user shall be able to download an excel file containing all the log entries.

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