How to Attach Receipts to Expense Entries

Purpose & Benefit: TimeSolv makes it even easier to track expenses and bill clients accurately. With the receipt attachment feature, your practice can attach pictures of expense receipts to the client’s Matter/Project file, and also provide them to clients as part of their invoices.



To attach receipts to expense entries:

  • Select Expense Entry under the Expense tab.


  • After either filling in the relevant details for a new expense entry (see here) or whilst editing an existing expense entry (see here), select the receipt image file and upload. Click Save & New.


  • When you have saved the Expense Entry with the Expense Receipt file, you can preview this image file by clicking on the magnifying icon next to the Expense Entry details listed.


  • Or click on the magnifying icon next to the Expense Receipt file field after clicking on ‘Edit‘.


  • You can also download a copy of the Expense Receipt image file by clicking on the download icon next to the image file, or by clicking on the arrow next to Expense Entry details and clicking ‘Download Receipt‘:


  • You can delete Expense Entry receipt by clicking on Delete icon next to image file.

Please note: When attaching a receipt to a Parent Matter/Project of a Split Billing Project, it will be sent out to all Client-Matters under that Split Billing Project. To edit/remove an Expense Receipt attached to a Split Billing Project Expense Entry after you have created a draft invoice for it (and thereby consequentially you have split the expense entries between client-matters), you would first have to void the draft, and unsplit the entries under Clients>Clients&Matters>[matter name]>Split Billing>Undo Split Entries, then delete that expense entry, and start again (please view this article for more details on how to Undo Split Entries).

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