How to Attach Receipts to Expense Entries

Video: How to Attach Receipts to Expense Entries


  • Select Expense Entry under the Expense tab.


  • After either filling in the relevant details for a new expense entry (see here) or whilst editing an existing expense entry (see here), select the receipt image file and upload.


  • Click Save & New.
  • You can view the attached receipt if you click on the magnifying icon next to the listed expense entry.


How to Disable Expense Receipts Feature


  • Click on Drafts under the Invoices tab.


  • Select the invoice amount to open and edit the draft invoice.


  • Under the General tab, click on Edit next to the Template field.


  • Select the Expense tab.


  • At the bottom of the Expense tab, uncheck the Attach Receipts to Invoice box to disable the feature.


  • Click Update.