Update of existing invoices in QuickBooks using QuickBooks Sync


A customer transfers an invoice from TimeSolv to QuickBooks and then modifies it in QuickBooks.  What happens when they re-sync for the same date range? Does QuickBooks Sync update the invoice in QuickBooks back to what was in TimeSolv or will it just ignore the invoice because it exists in both systems and QuickBooks Sync assumes that it was synced and no new action is needed?


Let’s say you modify an invoice after it’s synced, such as the description or date etc, but you later realize it was right the first time so go back in and edit the invoice back to what it was originally. This means you will have edited the invoice twice, and although it looks identical to the original, the metadata will have changed because of those edits. QuickBooks Sync will look at the new metadata and will not recognize the invoice as a pre-existing one, so it will sync the invoice again and you will probably end up with duplicate payments.

If you do need to update an existing invoice which has already been synced over to QuickBooks, we advice you delete that invoice from within QuickBooks first, then re-sync so you eliminate the possibility of duplicates. If, for whatever reason, you cannot go into QuickBooks and delete that invoice, then simply make the necessary edits in TimeSolv, and don’t sync that day again. If the sync is outside of that data range, it will not transfer over.

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