Two-Factor Authentication

Purpose & Benefit:  Although the internet is a trusted medium for hosting critical applications and information, passwords are often a weak link in the chain of security between a web application and a user. Two-factor authentication helps with improved security, increased productivity and flexibility, lowered helpdesk and security management costs, reduced fraud and ability to build secure online relationships.

To manage two-factor authentication, a TimeSolv administrator would go to Account, Settings.  There, on the General tab (10th field down) Two-Factor Authentication can be enabled/disabled.  If enabled, the administrator can decide if the authentication will be required with every login, daily, weekly, or monthly.  The ability to Reset the authentication process is located there as well.

When turned on, users will be sent PIN codes to their email addresses on file in TimeSolv and they will remain valid for 5 minutes.  Should a user enter an incorrect PIN code a third time, the screen will return to the login screen. Resend allows the user to request the PIN code email again.


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