TimeSolv Version 3.39 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: October 16, 2019

#1: Feature: Summarizing Time Entries for invoicing

Previously, when a user was creating multiple Time Entries for the same task on the same day, it reflected as complexed and unprofessional-looking on the invoices. A new ‘Summarized?’ checkbox has been made available under each Task and Expense Code. This will allow for the invoice to show a single Time Entry when the invoice is generated.

#2 Feature: Bulk copy/move Time Entries

Users can now copy or move existing Time Entries. To move means replacing the original FirmUser, Date, Matter, Task Code and/or Sub Task Code with the ones (optionally) selected in the Time Entries. Copy means creating a duplicate of the Time Entry and replacing these attributes with the specified values.

#3: Bug fixed: Timer icon disappears in Outlook plugin when the user selects a Matter

Previously, the timer icon was disappearing in the Outlook plugin when the user selected a Matter. This issue has been fixed.