TimeSolv Version 3.37 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: September 18, 2019

#1: Feature: Ability to view the elapsed time when a timer is running from any place in the TimeSolv web app

Users now have a constant view of the TimeSolv timer from each screen within the web app. The timer now appears on the header while running. If the user hovers the mouse over the timer, Client-Matter details will appear and users can stop the timer from within the header by the click of a button. Once the timer stops, it disappears from the header.

#2: Feature: Office 365 Outlook Add-in

There’s a new Outlook Add-in available for when a user is reading emails in Outlook and wants to log time from within Outlook itself. Emails can be filed under Client-Matter specific files.

#3: Feature: Specify Matter discount upfront

There are instances when invoices are sent without the agreed discount discussed for the matter, or the Timekeeper cannot recall the agreed discount. Users can now specify matter discount percentage under the matter level invoice settings screen.

#4: Feature: Ability to specify as many originating attorneys as needed against a matter

Users can now add as many originating attorneys as needed against a matter so that the commission can be distributed accordingly when an invoice is generated.