TimeSolv Version 3.36 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: August 31, 2019

#1: Feature: Ability to download invoices in LEDES 2000 format

TimeSolv now provides the ability to download LEDES invoices in the 2000 format in addition to 1998B and 1998BV2.

#2: Feature: Ability to search for Recurring Expenses

Users can now search for Recurring Expenses by Matter, Expense Codes, and Professionals.

#3: Feature: Office phone number field made visible for the Contacts within the Client

Previously, the office phone number field was not visible under the Contacts tab for clients. Users had to view the contact record in edit mode to view the office phone number on record. Users can now view this field under Clients/Contacts as well as under Matter>Contacts tab.

#4: Feature: Password Expiration

Under the firm settings, Administrators can now choose a password expiry policy from Never, 30, 60, 90, or 120 days. Existing or new firms will not have a password expiration set. The number of days will be counted from whenever the user last changed their password up until the firm’s current setting. Upon setting a new password expiry policy, the user’s password history will be checked and an expired password will be enforced, should it fall short of the firm’s new policy. If the password is due to expire within the next five days, a warning will be shown after login.

#5: Feature: Both Original and Current values shown on Time Entries report CSV

Previously, users could only run the Time Entries report with either the Original Values or with Current Values. Users can now run a report with both Original and Current values shown on the same Time Entries report.