TimeSolv Version 3.34 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: August 8, 2019

#1: Ability to merge multiple LEDES invoices into one LEDES file

We understand that TimeSolv users spend a considerable amount of time uploading LEDES invoices one by one into regulatory systems. To make the systems more efficient, we have now added the ability to select multiple invoices (LEDES format 1998B,1998B V2) and merge them into a single file.

Previously Individual LEDES invoices had to be generated for each matter, and each of the files needed to be uploaded individually.

Here are the steps to implement the new feature: Go to Invoices>Draft>select any number of drafts and Click the ‘Download’ button at the top right corner. A pop-up will appear where you will select LEDES format from the drop-down to download the draft.

#2: Allocating Payment Screen – Uncheck “Include All Matters for this Client” filter

TimeSolv users had requested to upgrade the Allocating Payment feature to uncheck 'Include All Matters for this Client' filter by default. A few customers had reported that they accidentally allocated payments to matters they did not intend to since by default the filter 'Include All Matters for this Client' was checked.

To avoid this from happening in the future, we have now upgraded the feature for our valued users. Now you have the ability to uncheck ' Include All Matters for this Client' filter by default.

To keep the old settings, however, go to Payments Settings and select the 'Show all Invoices for a Client while allocating payments' option.

#3: Named Groups of Custom Fields

We have introduced a new feature to create groups for matter-only custom fields. TimeSolv users now have the ability to create groups of the custom fields and can assign those custom fields to respective groups.

A custom field can be associated with one group only. Custom fields can exist without a group and this would be called the ‘ Default Group’.

#4: LawPay OAuth Update – Connect TimeSolv with LawPay with Ease

Previously, in order to establish a link between TimeSolv and LawPay bank accounts, various steps were involved and you had to switch between the systems as well. We have now made this super-easy to connect your TimeSolv account with LawPay.

#5: 2-Factor Authentication for QB Sync (Desktop/Online).

If you have 2-factor authentication turned on for the TimeSolv web app, you will now need to authenticate with a one-time pin when logging in to QB Sync (Desktop/Online). This is to make TimeSolv more secure for users.