TimeSolv Version 3.35 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: August 23, 2019

#1: Feature: The ability to create/edit matter plan for non-admin users

Previously, non-admin staff couldn’t create/edit matter plans without the administrator’s permission. We’ve updated the feature to allow non-admin staff to create/edit matter plans. 

#2: Bug: Revenue Report – Checkbox for fixed fee invoices is working

Revenue and Commissions report now shows relevant data against a fixed fee invoice. Users are now able to see fixed fee invoices in revenue and commission report following the below steps: 

  • Create fixed fee matter.
  • Create a billable milestone for that matter and generate the invoice.
  • Assign a commission to the originating professional
  • Send the invoice and allocate payment against the invoice.
  • Go to reports > Revenue and commissions.
  • Select the “Include Fixed Fee Invoices completed within Date Range” checkbox and generate the report.

#3: Feature: Ability to Copy Multiple Time Entries to the Selected Date

Previously, the users could only copy a single time entry and paste it to another date. This took a lot of time to manually copy time entries one-by-one to another date. We’ve now updated the feature to allow users to copy multiple time entries from one day to another day.

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