TimeSolv Version 20221111 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: November 11, 2022

#1: Enhancement: Time Entries - Option to Create Recurring Time Entries

Like the 'Recurring Expense Entries' feature, a new feature has been added allowing users to set up 'Recurring Time Entries'. Users can select the frequency at which the recurring entries will be created automatically so that users do not have to create them manually.

Click here to learn more about Setting Up Recurring Time Entries.


#2: Enhancement: Time Entry Calendar - Option to Show 'Billable Only Hours' on Tooltip

Under Timekeeper Permissions, an option 'Show on Calendar' has been added. This feature allows users to view the amount of 'Billable Only' hours entered for the day, as a tooltip on the Time Entry Calendar

If the 'All Time' option is selected under Timekeeper Permissions, Time Entry Calendar displays all hours - Billable, Non-Billable, and No-Charge hours.

Click here on View Billable Only Hours to learn more.

#3: Enhancement: Time Entry Calendar - Highlighting Unrecorded Minimum Daily Hours

If the minimum daily hours have not been recorded for the day, a red dot appears on that particular date on the Time Entry Calendar. When users hover over the red dot, the tooltip shows recorded hours for the day.

This ensures that the Timekeepers meet the firm’s minimum daily hour requirement and do not have to be manually reminded.

Click here on Unrecorded Minimum Daily Hours to learn more.

#4: Bug: TimeSolvPay - Client Portal Allowing Payments to be Made with Credit Card When Only ACH Allowed

The Client Portal was allowing credit card payments even though the allowed payment method was set to accept ACH Payments only. This has been fixed and depending on the settings, only the relevant options are visible on the 'Make Payment' screen.

#5: Bug: REST API - WebService Calls Breaking Due to Apostrophe in the Value

If a value in a field contained an apostrophe, ClientSearch, ContactSearch, ContactAssociations, and ProjectSearch endpoints in the WebService request were breaking up and the system would give an error. This has been fixed so that the service does not break and results are returned accordingly.