TimeSolv Version 20220904 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: September 4, 2022

#1: Enhancement: Payment Due Date field Alignment

The payment 'Due Date' is now more prominently displayed on the invoice 'Main Page' so that it is hard to miss when skimming through an invoice.

#2: Enhancement: TimeSolvPay Performance Improvements

Performance improvements have been made to TimeSolvPay after thoroughly analyzing the current implementation.

#3: Enhancement: Payment History Report in CSV Format

Users can now view the details of invoice allocations for each payment transaction on the Payment History report so that they can easily find the invoices to which a payment has been allocated, as well as view how much of it has been allocated to Fees, Expense, Tax etc.

#4: Enhancement: User-Friendly Message for Error Feedback

We made an enhancement to ensure error feedback was not exposing internal/technical details of the application in their message. These error messages have been replaced with user-friendly messages to simply notify the user of an error. 

#5: Enhancement: Client Portal Screen to Collect Payment Information

Clients now have the option to store their payment details in the client portal without making a payment so that it can be used to pay future invoices under the Zero A/R initiative.

#6: Bug Fix: "Value is Bigger than Size" Error Message on Client/Contact Screen

It was reported a user was receiving an error message 'value is bigger than size' when attempting to save the 'First Name' field section. The issue was found to be on the use of TimeSolv's mobile application, and it has now been resolved.

#7: Bug Fix: Time/Expense Entry Analytics - Blank Tooltips

It was reported that blank tooltips were showing up on the Time/Expense Analytics Dashboard. This has been fixed so that those tooltips guide the user with the appropriate information. 

#8: Bug Fix: Cannot Delete TimeSolvPay Refund Payment from Timesolv Portal

It was reported that a user could not delete a TimeSolvPay refund payment from within Timesolv, and the duplicate refund had to be refunded from the backend of the system. This issue has been analyzed and resolved.

#9: Bug Fix: Search Button Issues after Drafting an Invoice

It was reported the search button was not working right after a user had drafted an invoice unless the screen was first refreshed. This issue has been fixed so that the user does not have to refresh the screen before searching draft invoices.