TimeSolv Version 20220323 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: March 23, 2022

#1: Enhancement: Option to Set Allowed Payment Method in TimeSolv

Firm admins now have the ability to restrict payment methods (Credit Card/ACH) within TimeSolv so that only the configured payment methods are used to receive payments within the Web App and the Client Portal.

#2: Enhancement: Expense Dashboard - Display Analytics for Expenses Without Timekeeper

Firm admins can now see analytics for Expenses that do not have a Timekeeper associated with them so that they can keep track of all such Expenses.

#3: Enhancement: Simplified TimeSolvPay Onboarding Form - Part II

TimeSolv has simplified the TimeSolvPay onboarding application so that users are only required to enter the absolute minimum information required for approval.

#4: Enhancement: Export to Excel Option on TimeSolvPay Transactions Screen

TimeSolv has added the ability to export data displayed on TimeSolvPay Transactions screen in Excel so that billing users can easily perform further analysis.

#5: Bug Fix: Invoice - Older Trust Payments Showing on the Newly Generated Invoices

It was reported a customer had set a Matter to hold Trust money and allocate to the various Matters for a Client, but the older payments continued to show on invoices month after month. This has been fixed so that such payments show only once.

#6: Bug Fix: Time/Expense Dashboard - Data not Appearing Corresponding to Selected Timekeeper on Displayed Metrics

It was reported metrics data was not appearing corresponding to the selected Timekeeper. This has been fixed.

#7: Bug Fix: For Active Clients, Timesolv AR Report Showed AR of Inactive Matters

It was reported that the Timesolv AR report for active Clients was including inactive Matters due to which there was a huge difference in the AR between Timeslips and TimeSolv reports. This has been fixed.

#8: Bug Fix: Dashboard - Error Appearing on the Time and Expense Analytics Screen

An error message was appearing upon clicking on the Time and Expense Analytics screen, making it inaccessible. This has been fixed so that all users should be able to access  Time and Expense Analytics screen without any errors or blockers.