TimeSolv Version 20220211 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: February 11, 2022

#1: Enhancement: AR Report to Display Matter Name for Unallocated Credits

Firm Admins can now have AR reports display the Matter name against which a payment/write-off has been recorded so that they know which Matters have unallocated payments and write-offs.

#2: Enhancement: Additional Options on Retainer Invoice Screen

Users now have the ability to download, preview, void, and resend Retainer Invoices so that they can fully utilize the Retainer Invoices feature in TimeSolv.

#3: Enhancement: Filters Added to the Recurring Payments Screen

Firm Admins can now filter records on the 'Recurring Payments' screen based on Client Matter, 'status', and whether or not the recurring payment has any errors associated with it so that users do not have to scan the entire list.

#4: Enhancement: Error Icon and Tooltip for Failed Transactions on Recurring Payments

Firm Admin users can now see an error icon and an accompanying tooltip displayed for failed transactions under the 'Recurring Payments' screen so they know which transactions have errors against them.

#5: Enhancement: Client Category 2 Filter on Time Entries Report

Firm Admins now have the ability to filter Time Entries report on the basis of Client Category 2 so that firms can view Time Entries for Clients associated with a specific category. 

#6: Bug Fix: Recurring Payments TimeSolvPay - Created Time Details of Recurring Payments not Appearing on Info Balloon

It was reported a created field of Time details on recurring payments was not appearing in the Info Balloon. This has been fixed so that the created field shows the exact time when the recurring payment was created.

#7: Bug Fix: Line Item Allocation - Balance Amount Issues

It was reported the 'Balance' amount was not appearing for an Expense Entry. This issue has been fixed so that the balance amount appears for the Expense Entry