TimeSolv Version 20210908 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: September 8, 2021

#1: New Feature: Preview Option on Statement

A new 'Preview' option is now available on the Statements screen so that users can quickly view a statement prior to downloading or sending it.

#2: Enhancement: TimeSolvPay - Phone Number Validation was Giving Wrong Error Message

An enhancement has been made to overcome an issue under TimeSolvPay>Enter Credit Card and Bank Account pop-ups>Billing Information section. When a phone number was entered with less than 10 digits in length, an error appeared which was not descriptive enough to convey to the user that the phone number validation had failed. 

#3: Bug Fix: Interest - Interest Period “Date Range” is Calculating Interest Before Due Date

When trying to calculate 'Simple Interest' on Fixed Fee “Time and Expense” and “Time Only”, interest was being calculated before the due date. This has been fixed so that the interest is charged after the due date.

#4: Bug Fix: TimeSolvPay Refund Error

When the user would refund an amount in points using TimeSolvPay, an error message appeared yet the amount had been refunded successfully. This has been fixed so that a success message appears and the entered amount is refunded.

#5: Bug Fix: Consolidated Invoices Discrepancies

It was reported adjustments were not being applied correctly, and the printed invoice showed different totals. This has been fixed. The issue lied in the consolidated invoice having applied a negative adjustment amount on one of the matters that did not have expenses. If there is a negative adjustment amount that is more than the fee amount an error message is now displayed.

#6: Bug Fix: TimeSolvPay - “Credit Card - Single Charge” not Working on Payment/Trust Screen

An error message was appearing when a user selected “Credit Card - Single Charge” and clicked on “Save and Charge” button. This has been fixed so that the “Credit Card - Single Charge” works when the user creates payments using the single charge option on TimeSolvPay.

#7: Bug Fix: Interest-only Invoice

It was reported that when adding a discount with an adjustment on a draft invoice, the TAX 1 & TAX 2 were not being updated with both Simple/Compound Interest charges. This has been fixed.

#8: Bug Fix: Interest-only Invoice

It was reported that when a user entered 'zero' in “Override calculated interest”, the Interest tab disappeared. This has been fixed so that the Interest tab does not disappear when 'zero' is entered.

#9: Bug Fix: Import/Export
The client file was being imported successfully when the “Rate by” field was left blank, which is highlighted as a mandatory field. This has been fixed so that the client file is not imported in such a scenario and an error message conveying the rate being empty is displayed. 
#10: Bug Fix: Multiple Errors Appear From Undo Split Entries Button
It was reported multiple errors appeared when a user clicked on the "Undo Split Entries" button. This has been fixed.