TimeSolv Version 20210826 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: August 26, 2021

#1: New Feature: Provide the Option to Process a One Time Charge

Users now have the ability to process a one-time charge from within TimeSolv using TimeSolvPay so that they do not have to use TimeSolvPay Portal before manually recording it in TimeSolv. 

#2: Enhancement: Patch to Fix the Invoice Total Calculation Year-wise
After previously revamping Invoice Total calculation logic for when a Draft Invoice is edited, TimeSolv needed to also fix the historical data of the invoices. 

#3: Enhancement: Patch for all Historical invoices with more than one Allocation

After previously releasing patches to fix the Invoice Total calculation year-wise, TimeSolv needed to release a patch for all historical invoices with more than one allocation.

#4: Bug Fix: LEDES 1998B Invoice is Automatically Setting SubTask Code i.e. LINE_ITEM_ACTIVITY_CODE to A111

A customer reported that when generating LEDES invoices and setting Sub-Task Codes as 'Optional' and 'Not Displayed', A111 is still automatically entered by the system in the LEDES 98B invoice even if they have not entered a Sub-Task Code for Time Entries. This has been fixed.

#5: Bug Fix: Client Portal - Getting Error When Processing a Payment

A customer reported that their Clients were unable to process a credit card payment with the Client Portal. This has been fixed.

#6: Bug Fix: TimeSolvPay Error on Retainer Invoice Link

It was reported that when using TimeSolvPay, upon clicking on the link for "Retainer Invoice" the following message appeared on the Client Portal: “Trust accounts are not configured to receive online payments”. This has been fixed.

#7: Bug Fix: Audit Log Could not be Filtered for One User

A customer needed to filter the logs for one Timekeeper but the Audit Log was not filtering the logs properly. The code has been updated so that it filters just the user selected from the dropdown to show up in the Audit Log list. 

#8: Bug Fix: Client Portal - Placeholder Text "Enter Search Criteria" is not Appearing in “Search Box” of Time and Expense

The search box was appearing empty without any placeholder text. This has been fixed so that the placeholder text appears in the search box.

#9: Bug Fix: Refund - “Search” Button is not Working Properly after Conducting Multiple Searches

When the view is selected as “Others”, all entries were reported to be appearing. When this was switched to view as “Today Only”, nothing was changed by clicking on the search button.  The “Search” button now should work properly when the view is selected as “Today Only”.

#10: Bug Fix: Time/Expense Search - Moving Time/Expense Entries to Different Task/Expense Codes not Updated as the Billable Type for those Entries
A customer reported that when moving Time/Expense Entries to a different Task/Expense Code under Time/Expense>Search screens, the system updated the Task/Expense Code but did not take on all of the settings defined under the selected Task/Expense Code. This has been fixed.