TimeSolv Version 20210729 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: July 29, 2021

#1: New Feature: Use Flexible Billing Template for Fixed-Fee Invoices

We now have the ability to create multiple billing templates for fixed-fee invoices so that users can generate these invoices with varying levels of detail.

#2: Enhancement: Performance Issues on Trust screen

TimeSolv now has the ability to view all ‘Allocable’ Trust payments without impacting the load times/screen performance so that users can allocate the respective Trust payments to invoices. This is especially useful for firms that have a large volume of Trust transactions.

#3: Enhancement: Analysis - TimeSlips DEP - Beginning Balance is not Coming in TimeSolv
A customer converted from TimeSlips had reported a discrepancy in the AR totals. This has been updated.
#4: Bug Fix: Client Portal - Invoice Link is Giving "Internal Error: Record no Longer Exist"

A customer reported that after sending an invoice email to a client to pay via Client Portal, the link provided to the client showed an error message. This has been fixed. 

#5: Bug Fix: Flexible Billing Template - Adjustments Added in Fixed Fee Invoice, When User Select “Flexible Billing Template” for Fixed Fee Invoice

Adjustments should not get added in Fixed Fee Invoices. This has been fixed.
#6: Bug Fix: Drafts - Responsible Timekeeper Dropdown Issue

A customer reported that they were seeing a huge list of Responsible Timekeepers in the dropdown and they were having to sift through that list when trying to filter the draft invoices. The dropdown was showing the Responsible Timekeepers that did not have any invoice associated with them, and some were marked inactive in the system. This has been fixed.