TimeSolv Version 20210407 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: April 7, 2021

#1: New FeatureDisplay Metrics on Time & Expense Dashboards

Timekeepers can now view a dashboard for Time and Expenses which offers a summarized view of their performance metrics.

#2: New Feature: Permissions on Time & Expense Dashboards

Firm admins can set permissions under Time & Expense dashboards so that users are only able to view the insights that they have access to.

#3: New Feature: Dashboard Charts

Timekeepers can view a dashboard page that offers a summarized view of the following performances: Charts to show Target vs Actual Billable hours, comparison of current and past year performance, breakdown of hours based on the billable type, top 5 Clients by Time/Expense amount, the amount by Expense Code.

#4: New Feature: Embed Dashboard on the Expense Entry Screen

LogiInfo Dashboard has been embedded on the Expense Entry screen so that users can be presented with expense-related metrics.

#5: PCLaw DEP Enhancement: Map Global Rate and Originating Attorneys Data to TimeSolv

For developers working on data extraction utility, PCLaw entities can now be mapped to TimeSolv so that data for these entities can be extracted and read into TimeSolv.

#6: New Feature: Display Keyboard Shortcuts in TimeSync App

Keyboard shortcuts are now displayed in the TimeSync app so as to provide users a convenient way to view the available shortcuts and increase the visibility of this feature.

#7: Bug Fix: Invoices - Sent - Search Button Shows all Invoices to the Non-admin Users

It was reported when non-admin users clicked on the Search button on the Sent Invoices screen, it showed all the invoices even if the ‘Invoice for My Matters only?’ option was checked under Invoice>Settings. This has been fixed and non-admin users should now only see their own Matters' invoices.

#8: Bug Fix: Report - Clients and Projects - Showing Duplicate Matters

It was reported that Matters were duplicated in a report. This has been fixed.

#9: Enhancement: Fixed Fee Expenses in Tabs3 Showing up as Zero in Timesolv Fixed Fee Expenses in Tabs3 were showing up as zero in TimeSolv. This issue has been fixed.