TimeSolv Version 20210225 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: February 25, 2021

#1: New Feature: Limit Task Codes by Staff/Matter

Task Codes can now be limited by Staff/Matter so that only the Task Codes specified are made available to them when entering Time. If Task Code Groups are specified at both Matter and Staff level, only the Task Codes that are common between the Matter and Staff level groups will be available for use. 

#2: New Feature Impact: Apply Group Based Restrictions to TimeSolv Mobile and TimeSync PWA Time Entry Screen

Based on the groups assigned at the Matter and Staff level, the correct Task Codes are being displayed on TimeSolv Mobile’s Time Entry screen and TimeSync PWA’s Time Entry screen.

#3: New Feature Impact: Apply Group Based Restrictions to Outlook Add-in

Based on the groups assigned at the Matter and Staff level, the correct Task Codes are being displayed in Outlook Add-In.

#4: New Enhancement: TimeSync 2.0 - Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are now available for creating and saving Time/Expense so as to facilitate quick data entry in the TimeSync app.

#5: Bug Fix: Invoices - Different Trust Balances on Statement and Remittance Pages

A new option ‘Default Account only’ has been added under the ‘Include Trust Accounts’ option in the flexible billing template. If checked, all sections of the invoice will only consider the default trust account, else, all trust accounts will be displayed and included in balance calculations.

#6: Tabs3 DEP Enhancement: Add Ability in Tabs3 DEP to Append Client ID with Client Name and Matter ID with Matter Name

We have added the ability in Tabs3 DEP to append Client ID with Client Name and Matter ID with Matter Name.

#7: Tabs3 DEP Enhancement: Tabs3 DEP - Pull the Same Matter IDs From Tabs3 Instead of Creating New Ones

Tabs3 DEP 2.3 was not picking the same Matter IDs from Tabs3. Tabs3 DEP should now be picking the same Matter IDs that are in Tabs3 application.

#8: Bug Fix: TimeSync 2.0 - The Sync Complete Message Appears but no Time or Expense Entry are Synced on First Click at the Sync Button

The Time Entries and the Expense Entries took 1h 20m to be created. The sync button was clicked on, and the system showed 'Sync Completed' successfully but the entries were not synced and all the entries were appearing on the sync app. The sync should no longer be completed until all the Time & Expense Entries are not synced. 

#9: Bug Fix: TimeSync - Abbreviation Phrase is not Appearing on Saving or Updating the Time/Expense Entry

Abbreviation Phrase was not appearing on saving or updating Time/Expense entries. This has been fixed so that the Abbreviation Phrase now appears in the Description field.

#10: Bug Fix: Plan Tasks To-Do - Display for Admin and the Timekeeper is Different with Same Parameters

For instance, an Admin user was seeing 18 Tasks while a Timekeeper saw 21. This has been fixed.

#11: Bug Fix: Unrelated Client Split Information Showing on Multiple Invoices

The Time Entry screen was not properly clearing the timecard archive ID after an existing record was opened in edit mode and the user either saved (via the update button) or simply canceled the edit. The subsequent new record created was carrying the same timecard archive ID which qualified it as a Split Entry. This has been fixed.