TimeSolv Version 20200412 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: April 12, 2020

#1: Bug Fix: Global Rates Applied to Matters Not Reflected for Time Entries or when Matter Entity is Exported

Previously, there was an issue displaying Matter-specific Global Rates when entering Time, and again for showing up when Matter data was being exported. This has been fixed.

#2: Feature: HelpScout Beacon

We have rolled out in-app help with which users no longer need to leave our web app to access our help articles. The 'Help' beacon is visible at the bottom right of the screen.

#3: Bug Fix: Billable Milestone: Entering Comma or Dollar Sign Saves, But Changes Amount to Zero.

There was previously an issue with creating Billable Milestones with commas or dollar signs in the figures. This issue has been resolved by applying the validation on the invoice amount.

#4: Feature: Statements - Show Inactive Matters

The Flexible Billing Template has been updated under the 'Statement' tab with a new option to 'Include Inactive Matters for Non-Consolidated Invoices'.

#5: Feature: Group 'No Charge' Time Entries in Invoice Time Summary Section

The Flexible Billing Template has been updated under the 'Time' tab with a new option to 'Group by Billable Task' for Timekeepers. If this option is selected, then Total Hours will be displayed on invoices. Otherwise, Timekeeper Billable and No Charge will be displayed separately. 

#6: Bug Fix: LEDES - Time/Expense Entries not Showing in Chronological Order

Previously, LEDES invoices were not showing entries in the invoices in chronological order. Yet the PDF format showed invoices chronological order. This has been fixed to show LEDES invoice entries on invoices listed in chronological order.