TimeSolv Version 20200226 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: February 26, 2020

#1: Bug Fixed: Outlook Online - TimeSolv Add-in - Internal Error

When trying to log in to the Outlook Online Add-in with a TimeSolv account an internal error was being displayed and logged. This has been fixed.

#2: Bug Fixed: Error Message When Voiding Draft Invoice After Adding/Removing a Time/Expense Entry

An error message was being displayed when a user went in to edit a draft invoice by adding or deleting a Time/Expense Entry, then voiding that draft. This has been fixed.  

#3: Bug Fixed: Sorting Order is Accepting Value Greater Than 99
#4: Bug Fixed: Task Filter not Working Properly in Task Codes Rates Report

When creating Task Codes Rates Report and selecting a specific Task against a specific Matter, instead of showing that specific Task and Client/Matter, the system was populating the complete list of Task Codes. This has been fixed to instead show the selected Task Code and Client/Matter in the report.