TimeSolv Version 20191120 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: November 20, 2019

#1 Feature: Time Search – Allow Timer Status as Search Criteria

In addition to the existing search criteria on the Time>Search screen, the user can now filter Time Entries based on the timer status i.e. whether or not timer is running. This is displayed via e a dropdown labeled Timer which has three values i.e. All, Running, Stopped. Default is All.

#2 Feature: Add Search by Category and Billing Category at the Client/Matters screen

Users now have the ability to search by Categories, Sub-Categories and Billing Categories under the Client-Matter screen.

#3: Feature: TimeSolv Calendar Events in Outlook365 & Vice Versa

Users can now see ‘Office 365 Calendar’ screen under their profile, but only if the calendar is enabled for the user.

#4: Feature: Lawpay – Accept e-Checks and Create Payment Forms using Hosted Fields

TimeSolv Client Portal users can now pay through eChecks.

#5: Bug Fixed: Interest should be recalculated when the Invoice Date is updated

Previously, when the invoice date was updated on the draft screen, there was no impact on the interest calculation. The interest calculation will now change based on the updated invoice date.

#6 Feature: Prompt to Change the Date of an Invoice Before Moving it to Sent

Previously when moving invoices to 'Sent', by default the date is set as the date the invoice was drafted. Users can now change the invoice date before the invoice is moved to 'Sent'.