Timekeeper – Profile


The Timekeeper Profile section is used to enter basic information about the timekeeper:

  • Select the Staff/Professionals link under the Account tab.


  • Select the Staff/Professional you wish to add/edit profile for (example below).


  • Enter in the timekeepers:First Name
    Last Name


  • Type in the Password for the timekeeper (the user will be emailed).


  • You can activate/deactivate a timekeeper at any time by changing their status in the field shown below:


  • Define the type of user this person will be between a Timekeeper or a Support user (a support user will not be a charged user).


  • Define the Employment Status of the user between ‘Employee’ or ‘Contractor’.


  • Select whether you would like this timekeeper to be able to Bypass Approval.

Note: The Bypass Approval? check box and Manage Approvers button will only be shown if the staff/professional approvals options are enabled in either Time or Expense settings.


  • Type in the LEDES Staff Member ID you wish to be associated with this timekeeper.


  • Choose between the following options for the timekeepers LEDES Classification:Associate
    Legal Assistant
    Other Counsel
    Other Timekeeper


  • Choose the timekeepers Billing Initials.


  • Type in the Title for the timekeeper.


  • Define the Default Rate for the timekeeper. You can also assign specific rates for specific Matters/Projects.


  • If you wish to assign a Matter/Project specific rate, select the Matter/Project after clicking on the ‘Matter/Project Rates’ link.


  • Define the Rate and then click Create New.


  • If you wish to Edit Commission rates for this timekeeper, please click on the link.


  • Choose the Client from the drop down.


  • Choose the Matter/Project from the drop down.


  • Click on Create New after defining the Commission Percent.


  • You can also define the Commission Manager for this timekeeper.


  • You can set a Commission Percent for the Commission Manager.


  • Click Save.

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