The following sections describe how to change and modify tax settings to accommodate your taxation requirements:


How do I Change the Tax Terminology?



  • Select the Settings link under the Account tab.


  • Enter the tax terminology in the Tax Label field, and the tax ID in the Tax ID field.

Note: an example of changing the tax label field will be if you wish to charge an admin fee, you can enter ‘Admin Fee’ as the label here. 



How do I Specify Appropriate Time and Expense Tax Rates?



To specify the appropriate time tax rate:

  • Select Settings under the Time tab.


  • Specify a tax rate in the Time Tax Rate (%) field, and click the Save button.


To specify the appropriate expense tax rate:

  • Click on the Settings link under the Expense tab.


  • Specify a tax rate in the Expense Tax Rate (%) field, and click the Save button.

Note: For Fixed Fee – Time & Expense matters, it is not considered.


How do I Specify Taxable Activities?


Please refer to the Activity Codes Setup page to specify taxable activities.


How do I Specify Taxable Expenses?


Please refer to the to The Expense Codes page to specify taxable expenses:


How do I Indicate a Client is Taxable?



To indicate a client is taxable:

  • Click on Clients & Matters/Projects link under the Clients tab.


  • Click the name of a Client you wish to identify as taxable (example below). The Client Information Tabs are displayed.


  • Under the General tab, select Taxable by Task/Activity option from the Taxable Status drop down box.


  • If you click on Taxable by Task/Activity, two new fields will be made available to you. Specify a Time Tax Rate (%) and check Override Firm Setting if necessary.


  • Specify a Expense Tax Rate (%) and check Override Firm Setting if necessary.


  • Click Save.


How do I Generate Bills that Include Tax?



To generate bills with tax included:

Note: Taxes are supported only with the Flexible Billing Template

  • Select the Settings link under the Invoices/Bills tab.


  • Click the Flexible Templates tab.


  • Click on the desired flexible billing template (example below).


  • Click the Main Page tab.


  • Enable the Tax section by enabling the Tax check box, and enable the Tax ID check box or ABN check box or both depending upon the firms requirements.

Note: if you have changed the Tax Label in the system, this section will appear as you have chosen it, e.g. Admin Fee instead of Tax.


  • Click the Update button.


How do I Generate a Tax Report?




To generate a tax report:

  • Click on the Reports tab.


  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Select the Tax Listing link under the Managing the Firm section.


  • Select the checkbox if you would like to Include Inactive entries in your Taxes.


  • Select the relevant Client from the drop down list. You may select multiple clients.


  • Specify the required Date Range.


  • Select the Report Output Format from:
    Excel (Office 2003-2007)
    Excel (Office 2010 and above)
    PowerPoint (Office 2003-2007)
    PowerPoint (Office 2010 and above)
    Word (Office 2003-2007)
    Word (Office 2010 and above)


  • Click Generate Report.



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