Purpose & Benefit: Depending on where you have your practice you may have to add tax for either your time or expenses when generating invoices each month. With TimeSolv, you can set the taxable status of every client for both time and expenses.

The following sections describe how to change and modify tax settings to accommodate your taxation requirements:

How do I Change the Tax Terminology?


  • Select the Settings link under the Account tab.


  • Enter the tax terminology in the Tax Label field, and the tax ID in the Tax ID field.

Note: an example of changing the tax label field will be if you wish to charge an admin fee, you can enter ‘Admin Fee’ as the label here. 



How do I Specify Appropriate Time and Expense Tax Rates?



To specify the appropriate time tax rate:

  • Select Settings under the Time tab.


  • Specify a tax rate in the Time Tax Rate (%) field, and click the Save button.


To specify the appropriate expense tax rate:

  • Click on the Settings link under the Expense tab.


  • Specify a tax rate in the Expense Tax Rate (%) field, and click the Save button.

Note: For Fixed Fee – Time & Expense matters, it is not considered.


How do I Specify Taxable Activities?


Please refer to the Activity Codes Setup page to specify taxable activities.


How do I Specify Taxable Expenses?


Please refer to the to The Expense Codes page to specify taxable expenses:


How do I Indicate a Client is Taxable?



To indicate a client is taxable:

  • Click on Clients & Matters/Projects link under the Clients tab.


  • Click the name of a Client you wish to identify as taxable (example below). The Client Information Tabs are displayed.


  • Under the General tab, select Taxable by Task/Activity option from the Taxable Status drop down box.


  • If you click on Taxable by Task/Activity, two new fields will be made available to you. Specify a Time Tax Rate (%) and check Override Firm Setting if necessary.


  • Specify a Expense Tax Rate (%) and check Override Firm Setting if necessary.


  • Click Save.


How do I Generate Bills that Include Tax?



To generate bills with tax included:

Note: Taxes are supported only with the Flexible Billing Template

  • Select the Settings link under the Invoices/Bills tab.


  • Click the Flexible Templates tab.


  • Click on the desired flexible billing template (example below).


  • Click the Main Page tab.


  • Enable the Tax section by enabling the Tax check box, and enable the Tax ID check box or ABN check box or both depending upon the firms requirements.

Note: if you have changed the Tax Label in the system, this section will appear as you have chosen it, e.g. Admin Fee instead of Tax.


  • Click the Update button.


How do I Generate a Tax Report?




To generate a tax report:

  • Click on the Reports tab.


  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Select the Tax Listing link under the Managing the Firm section.


  • Select the checkbox if you would like to Include Inactive entries in your Taxes.


  • Select the relevant Client from the drop down list. You may select multiple clients.


  • Specify the required Date Range.


  • Select the Report Output Format from:
    Excel (Office 2003-2007)
    Excel (Office 2010 and above)
    PowerPoint (Office 2003-2007)
    PowerPoint (Office 2010 and above)
    Word (Office 2003-2007)
    Word (Office 2010 and above)


  • Click Generate Report.



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