Purpose & Benefit: At TimeSolv, we’re constantly striving to give you the flexibility you need to do business the way you want and what your clients demand. Statements are sent out to let clients know where they stand, to remind the client that they need to pay, and it serves as an account summary for clients at a particular point in time. Our goal is to allow you to present a Statement that is completely clear to your client so time spent explaining the Statement can be reduced.


Please note: Statements and Invoices are not the same thing. Statements are a list of Invoices.

To view the statements:

  • Select Statements under Invoices tab.


  • Click on New Statements link to create new statement(s).


  • Specify whether you want to create statements for All Clients or only My Matters. All Clients will create a statement for all of the firms clients. My Matters will only create a statement for the matters you are marked as the responsible professional/timekeeper for.


  • Select Allow Zero Balance Statements checkbox if required.

Note: If you do not check the box, any client that doesn’t have a balance will not be included.


  • Select a No Invoice Since date – this excludes clients that have received invoices since the specified date.

Note: with the example below, any client that has received an invoice after 2017-09-12 will not have a statement created for them.


  • Click Create.


  • To download single statements there are multiple methods:
    1. Click on the download icon on the far right of the row for the appropriate statement.
    2. Select the checkbox, and click on the Download button on the top right of the screen.

  • To download multiple statements in one go, checkmark the boxes next to the appropriate statement (or select all by click on the topmost checkbox in the checkbox column), and then click on the Download button on the top right of the screen.


  • A window will pop up showing you a pending status under the ‘Ready?‘ column – meaning that the document is being processed. The document will automatically download if you remain on this screen.

  • If you choose to exit the document processing screen and navigate to other areas of TimeSolv while the document continues to process in the background, you will note a green Downloads link appears when the document has been successfully processed and is ready to be downloaded.

Note: if a document does not finish processing within 30 minutes (or due to some issue in the report server), a ‘Delete‘ link will become available for the user to get rid of the entry.


  • When you click on the green Download link, you will be able to rename, download, or ‘clear all’ listed documents.


  • Specify the sending mode such as Printer/Email/AutoMail check boxes and click the Send button to send the statement.


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