Timekeepers Setup

PURPOSE & BENEFIT: This page is only available to Administrators to store Timekeeper information and define accessibility for the user. You can specify basic billing details for the Timekeepers (contact details, default billing rates, LEDES, etc) whilst also protecting data privacy by limiting access for those users whom you do not want to grant full access to firm-wide settings.

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You can setup new timekeepers under the Account tab:

  • Click on the Account tab.
  • Click on Professionals.

  • Click on New Professional.

  • Fill in the form fields, specifying the timekeepers’ First Name, Last Name, Email, Username, Password, Confirm Password, and Default Rate.

  • Click the Save button to display additional information fields for your new timekeeper.

  • Enter in the timekeepers:First Name
    Last Name

  • Type in the Password for the timekeeper (the user will be emailed).

  • You can activate/deactivate a timekeeper at any time by changing their status in the field shown below:

  • Define the type of user this person will be between a Timekeeper or a Support user.

  • Define the Employment Status of the user between ‘Employee’ or ‘Contractor’.

  • Select whether you would like this timekeeper to be able to Bypass Approval.

Note: The Bypass Approval? check box and Manage Approvers button will only be shown if the staff/professional approvals options are enabled in either Time or Expense settings.

  • Type in the LEDES Staff Member ID you wish to be associated with this timekeeper.

  • Choose between the following options for the timekeepers LEDES Classification:
    Legal Assistant
    Other Counsel
    Other Timekeeper

  • Choose the timekeepers Billing Initials.

  • Type in the Title for the timekeeper.

  • Define the Default Rate for the timekeeper. You can also assign specific rates for specific Matters/Projects.

  • If you wish to assign a Matter/Project specific rate, select the Matter/Project after clicking on the ‘Matter/Project Rates’ link.

  • Define the Rate and then click Create New.

  • If you wish to Edit Commission rates for this timekeeper, please click on the link.

  • Choose the Client from the drop down.

  • Choose the Matter/Project from the drop down.

  • Click on Create New after defining the Commission Percent.

  • You can also define the Commission Manager for this timekeeper.

  • You can set a Commission Percent for the Commission Manager.

  • Click Save.

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