Specifying Sync Setting for Payments

Purpose & Benefit: QuickBooks is a staple of small business. Millions use the software for their accounting and billing needs. QuickBooks has plenty of valuable accounting tools, so we have created a platform that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, allowing your firm to benefit from its accounting tools, while utilizing TimeSolv’s efficient time tracking and billing systems.




To sync Payments:

Please note: if you have Hard/Soft Costs node turned on, you cannot sync Payments. You will have to turn off sync for Hard/Soft Costs first to sync Payments.

  • Click on Payments node.


  • Select Sync Payments to QuickBooks checkbox.


  • Specify your QuickBooks Accounts Receivable Account.


  • Choose Credit Memo Item – this item list is specific to each user.


  • Specify Write Off Item – this list of items is specific to you.


  • If you are using QuickBooks for Desktop, you will see an extra checkbox for syncing allocations at the bottom of the Payments screen. This checkbox allows you to sync over all your allocations so that you can sync over all of your payments and the entries, and do not then have to key all that information in yourself.


  • Click Save.

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