Set rolling lockout dates on Time and Expense Entries

TimeSolv allows users to set up a rolling lockout date for Time and Expense Entries. Note: An admin user does not have any lockout restriction.

  • Click on Settings under Time and/or Expense tab
  • If the option ‘Allow Entries for All Dates’ is selected, there is no restriction on Time or Expense Entry date for all users.
  • If the option ‘Allow Entries On or After Date’ is selected, a non-admin user can only add/update Time or Expense Entries on or after the date of specified settings. By default, the past or future days will show as zero.
  • If the option ‘Allow Entries During Rolling Period’ is selected, a non-admin user can only add/update the Time or Expense Entry if the date is within the range of allowed days. E.g. If the date of Time or Expense Entry is prior to the number of allowed past days or after the number of allowed future days.



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