Searching for a Time Entry

Purpose & Benefit: TimeSolv provides a quick and easy way to see all Time entries without having to run a full report. Many times you want to find entries for a particular matter or client to either add more Time or review the status of your Time entries.



To search for a time entry:

  • Select Search under Time tab.


  • Enter the search criteria. You can search for any term, whether it is a timekeepers name, client name, matter name, or even specific text in the description of the time entry.


  • Specify a date range. You can leave the date range blank if you wish to go as far back as possible.


  • Click More Options if you wish to be more specific with your search fields.


  • Specify Staff Member from drop down list.


  • Specify Client & Matter from drop down list.


  • Specify Status from:
    New – a time entry that has not yet been submitted by a timekeeper who requires approval.
    Rejected – an approver has rejected a time entry, and the timekeeper has not yet edited it.
    Submitted – timekeeper has submitted time entry for approval, but it has not been reviewed as either approved or rejected by an approver.
    Approved – if a timekeeper is not subjected to the approval system, their time entries are automatically processed as ‘approved’.
    Pending – the time entry is on a draft invoice.
    Billed – the time entry is on a billed/sent invoice.
    Written Off – if someone edits a draft invoice and deletes a time entry only from the invoice (not the deletion of the original time entry itself), that is writing it off. 
    NB Closed (Non-Billable Closed) – you can close time periods for non-billable matters. 


  • Specify Billable Type from
    Billable – time entries that can be billed out.
    Non-Billable – time that will not appear on invoice. 
    No Charge – time that will appear on invoice, but it will be spelled out as ‘No Charge’.


  • Click the Search button.

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