Searching for a Time Entry

Purpose & Benefit: TimeSolv provides a quick and easy way to see all Time entries without having to run a full report. Many times you want to find entries for a particular matter or client to either add more Time or review the status of your Time entries.




Click on Time>Search.

Search criteria – search for any term, whether it is a timekeepers name, client name, matter name, or even specific text in the description of the time entry.

Date range – narrow search down to a specific date range.

Users can further refine search criteria by clicking on ‘More Options’.

More options – 

  • Timekeeper
  • Matter
  • Status – New, Rejected, Submitted, Approved, Pending, Billed, Written Off, NB Closed
  • Timer – All (will pull all the Time Entries with running and not running timers), Running (will filter the Time Entries which have running timers), Stopped (will filter the Time Entries which have no running timers)
  • Billable Type – billable, non-billable, no charge

New Time Entry – will open a pop-up window within the app to enter new time.


See here for copying/moving time entries.

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