Scheduling Fixed Fee Invoices

Purpose & Benefit: Fixed fees offer predictability for both you and your clients, and now you can schedule them. And where there is predictability, it leaves less room for any potential disputes once the bills roll out. TimeSolv has created the right legal project management tools to help you work with fixed fee billing. Especially with our phase and task planning, you can ensure your fixed fee matters are profitable for your business. You can even create a template of these scheduled fixed fees invoices and use them for other clients.

To manage the firm setting, click on the Clients, Settings, Invoice Settings tab.

To manage the matter setting, click on the Matter, Invoice Settings tab.

Create the fixed fee  Billable Milestones..

If ‘Automatically Complete Milestone and Generate Invoices’ is checked, when you go to Invoices, Drafts, New Draft Invoices, any Billable Milestones with a date equal to or prior to your run date will be drafted.  If the box is not checked, you would need to return to the Matter Plan tab and manually generate the invoices by clicking ‘Complete & Generate Invoice.’

In the upper right corner, the milestone list can be saved as a template for use with other clients. Click Save as Template and name it.  Note:  All templates will show in list so name the Billable Milestones for easy identification.

To create from a template, go to the Matter, Matter Plan tab and click ‘Create from Template’ in the upper right corner and select your template and click ‘Save.’ Notice the dates reflect the date the template is applied.


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