Retainer Invoice

Purpose & Benefit: As an attorney, TimeSolv understands it can be important to charge your clients a monthly retainer fee, to continue an ongoing commitment ensuring your client will continue working with you even when they do not have an active matter. This leads to client stability and security, predictable profits, flexible service, and guaranteed recurring revenue for your law firm.


To create a retainer invoice:

  • Select Retainer under the Invoices/Bills tab.


  • Specify a Title for Retainer Invoice.


  • Specify the relevant Client/Matter by either typing or double-clicking for a list.


  • Specify Date of Retainer Invoice to be created.


  • Provide a Retainer Number if desired.


  • Specify Retainer Amount.


  • Type in any details in the Message Text field.


  • Select Include From Address checkbox if needed. This means the firm’s address will show on the retainer invoice.


  • Specify file Output Format.


  • If you selected a Client-Matter for which invoice and payment settings are Email and Client Portal related, two new checkboxes will appear towards the bottom after having selected the Client-Matter. For your Retainer Invoice to not be sent out directly to the client after hitting Create on this page, you will have to unselect the Send By Email checkbox first.


  • Specify whether you would like to allow client to pay via Client Portal.


  • Click Create.

Note: Clicking on Create will send the Retainer Invoice directly to the client if ‘Send By Email‘ checkbox is selected. It will NOT download for you to review first, unless you have it selected for Print.

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