Reports – Clients and Matters

Purpose & Benefit: Monthly reports are valuable tools in building a successful law practice. They provide you with detailed information about your firm from a variety of financial and management perspectives. Used properly, monthly reports can help you identify what is working within your business and what needs improvement. Gain fresh insights into your business with 31 different reports for law firms and other businesses covering billable hours, accounts receivable, expenses, performance, and more. Our insightful reports can be viewed and shared in 10 formats, including PDF, Excel, Word, and more. A report on Clients and Matters will show you details of client contact and client billing settings including matter details.

  • Select Reports from the top menu.

  • Select Clients and Matters under the Managing the Firm section.

  • Specify Report Type from drop down list.

  • Check Include Inactive box if you would like the report to include inactive responsible staff members.

  • Specify a specific Responsible Staff Member or keep the auto-populated ‘All’.

  • Check Include Inactive box to include inactive clients and matters.

  • Specify Report Output Format from a variety of file format options. If you wish to see any custom fields appear in the report, you must select CSV output.

  • Click on Generate Report.

  • A window will pop up showing you a pending status under the ‘Ready?‘ column – meaning that the report is being processed. The report will automatically download if you remain on this screen.

  • If you choose to exit the report processing screen and navigate to other areas of TimeSolv while the report continues to process in the background, you will note a green Downloads link appears when the report has been successfully processed and is ready to be downloaded.

Note: if a report does not finish processing within 30 minutes (or due to some issue in the report server), a ‘Delete‘ link will become available for the user to get rid of the entry.

  • When you click on the green Download link, you will be able to rename, download, or ‘clear all’ listed reports.

Please note, if there is an error with the report, such as ‘no data found’, you will see the error description in place of the download button.

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