Enable Commissions

PURPOSE & BENEFIT: Enable commissions to allow Timekeepers to earn specified percentages on Projects/Matters. Commission based plans use preset factors to weigh each attorney’s contributions to the firm. Firms can accurately measure the work production of each attorney with a comprehensive legal billing system.

To enable commissions at the firm level:


  • Select the Settings link under the Account.


  • Under the General tab, check the box ‘Enable Commissions?


  • Define the Fixed Holdback Amount Per Invoice and Percent Holdback Per Invoice.


To Specify the Commission Settings For a Timekeeper/Professional:


  • Select the Staff/Professionals link under the Account


  • Select the desired Timekeeper/Professional (example below).


  • Click on the Edit Commission button to assign a specific commission percent for a specific Client & Matter/Project.


  • Select the relevant Client you wish to assign a commission for from the drop down list.


  • Select the relevant Matter/Project you wish to assign a commission for from the drop down list.


  • Enter in the Commission Percent and click on the Create New


  • Assign a Commission Manager from the drop down list of Timekeepers/Professionals.


  • Specify the Commission Manager’s Commission Percent.


  • Click Save.


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